Routinely undergo hemodialysis, watch this food

When the kidneys are not functioning optimally in removing the remnants of metabolic substances or reducing excess fluid in the body, then this kidney function can be replaced with hemodialysis (dialysis). To better understand about hemodialysis, consider the following explanation. Hemodialysis or better known as dialysis procedure is the process of cleansing the blood of substances that are not needed by the body using special machines. Hemodialysis is needed if kidney function in the body has been disrupted. Apart from cleansing the blood, this method can also help control blood pressure and balance the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body. Usually, this treatment procedure is used in patients with end-stage renal failure. How Does Hemodialysis Work? Hemodialysis method can be done by inserting two needles into a vein in the arm. The two needles are attached to a flexible plastic hose that is connected to a blood purifier filter or dialyzer. Slowly, the blood is then pum
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